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Welcome To 5-0 Driving School LLC

Prevent collisions on the road when you take driving instruction with us. We provide thorough instruction on road safety, traffic laws and vehicle operation, so our students leave our program with a great foundation on how to be a safe, defensive, courteous driver.

Our driver ed instructors are trained and experienced in a wide range of driving scenarios to help both adult and minor drivers alike navigate the roads with confidence. Our affordable prices and unmatched expertise make our programs beneficial to new and not so new drivers.


Driving Classes

Increase your confidence behind the wheel with drivers ed courses from 5-0 Driving School LLC. Our professional driving school offers a wide range of courses for adults.



One Great Driving Program Serving The Island Of Oahu

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Our Story

5-0 Driving School LLC was established in 2017, we are a family owned and operated business focused on teaching minors and adults the skills to keep them safe on the roads. We Specialize in "Taking the NERVE out of Nervous and are committed to enhancing students skills one drive at a time.

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Thank you is not enough to express how grateful I am to my instructor Mari! She was amazing! Mari's patient and warm disposition provided a calm and relax experience getting behind the wheel after years of not driving. She has such a confident and sweet demeanor that prepared me for my roadtest after just two lessons. She encouraged me to schedule my roadtest because I was ready! I had an 8:00 a.m appointment and Mari picked me up at 6:30 a.m to practice the route and reassure me again that I can do it. While waiting in line with me, she continued to provide encouragement, confidence and go through a refresher of what we covered in our lessons. She gave me a complete sense of calmness, and peace...Needless to say I passed on my first try!

Mari, thank you from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond!

Millie R. (6/20/21)

"5-0 Driving School is a great place to learn driving. The driving lessons that they offer really goes in depth with what to do and what not to do during the road test. Then after about four 90-minutes behind-the-wheel sessions, I was confident enough to take the road test. Today I passed my exam without any errors, thanks to my teachers at 5-0!"

Jericho D. (8/9/2019)

I'll start this by saying how absolutely terrified I was of driving. I mean, I was visibly shaking my first lesson. My instructor Mel respected my fears but knew to push me out of my comfort zone. She knows what she's doing, and is fully capable of supporting you in making safe driving choices. She also taught my wife, who feels the same way as I do. We both passed our tests on the first try. So if you're scared of driving, or are just struggling with it, 5-0 driving school is a spectacular choice to equip you to be a safe, smart, confident driver. I couldn't recommend them enough!

Kelly V (11/4/2021)

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